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ใ€ŽIs It Strange To Feel Dysphoric After Coming Back From An Isekai?! ใ€
a one shot comic by squipkechi
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How is it I keep getting calls about stock markets, equity, investing etc

Who the hell is using my name

โ€ฆ feeling somewhat expendable at work atm, weird considering Iโ€™m forklift trained in a specific area

This week so far has been our junior AC loading more and more work onto us, on top of what our actual job is

Wondering if heโ€™s trying to get me to quit, like a prior boss tried

Windows has been saying no now and then since a recent update... Really getting bored of this... ugh but my games...


it's very funny to say "this human being is about to have a rebrand" and hope that this is what resonates with voters. politicians have nothing but contempt for regular people! they think of you as somewhere between a jellyfish and a rat

After Smart Launcher on Android included this functionality, I can't see why Android itself or iOS can't have some way to add PWAs directly to their apps list

I don't want Wordle/OnlyFans/whatever just sitting on my home screen all the time

This is not extreme. This is not unreasonable. This doesnโ€™t come after any oneโ€™s guns. Yet it will absolutely positively save lives.

Spent most of today in bed, resting off a cold x-x

Probably doing the same tomorrow...

This is exactly what I mean when I said Bionic Reading was a symptom of the scourge of capitalism: the people involved don't want to see accessibility tools in the hands of millions, they want to *make* millions off of putting those tools in the hands of very few. Assholes.

The chodes behind that Bionic Reading thing that went viral a little while back are already using the weight of their dubious patent against other people implementing similar solutions for the purpose of improving accessibility.

So yeah, fuck the Bionic Reading people.

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10 years of Tories is MORE than enough.

Congratulations, Australia! You've deposed the bigots.

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Scott Morrison concedes defeat and congratulates Anthony Albanese.

Read more here:
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can he now, you know... professionally defecate at McDonalds? XD Maybe he will find his calling? XD

... Calling of the bowels, but still XD

That's correct! I live particularly in Victoria, about two hours out from Melbourne. I wasn't sure how much of a future I was going to have in the end if the people of Australia looked back at the last few years, of disasters and scandals and the like, and decided "Yep, we want more of that".
I totally get your feelings!

I mean, we have Law and Justice in Poland... =_='

For non-Australian readers: this means that the percentage of voters who strongly support the country's major moderate/liberal party is at its lowest since a voting system that could distinguish strong support from weak support/grudging toleration was introduced

Wooooof, what a weird morning

Once again crashed into bed after work last night, woke up 5am-ish and couldn't sleep anymore, then walked down to vote, then decided (y'know, because) to walk two suburbs toward a shopping center to get my meds

IDK why, but I did!
Though I also had Maccas before doing the walk back, so, there was a break in there!

Clarification cause it's honestly been bugging me, I meant just "platform" in general

Discord is a good community platform, but it's not a substitute for forums and information repositories. I'm in many discords and I love the platform, but it's not a one-size-fits-all solution.

The best part of the discord experience is how angry people get when you ask for the information the discord is advertising because they're tired of answering it from every single person, while simultaneously not seeing the problem

@DemSausage Representing East Bendigo Public Hall, Victoria!
@Splatsune Thanks! Youโ€™re a true sausage champion, they're on the map now.

I've had this idea for a while, and I'm getting closer and closer to actually making it happen, so I'm gonna go ahead and announce:

Hey, starting July, I'm going to be uploading mashup mixes onto my YouTube! First one is gonna be Hololive themed! (EN particularly)

Crashed into bed when I got home 4-4:30ish last night and now I'm awake at 6am on a saturday lol